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Enjoy the power of Kauai Massage in your space

We invite couples and individuals to treat themselves while visiting Kauai with a memorable Kauai Massage with your partner, loved one, friend or family member. We can't wait to share with you the right spirit.

A great couple’s massage can indeed be a very sensual experience and a way to bring both of you closer together. An intimate massage can be a physical and emotional bonding experience. So if you want to give great couples massage, here's how to do it.

First of all, make sure you set the mood correctly. Using dim lighting and relaxing music can help calm them down and help them to relax and forget about their cares entirely. You should also incorporate some aromatherapy into the session as well. This could range from merely using scented candles to using scented massage oils.

Next, since this is an intimate Kauai Massage, it's best to have them remove their clothing to help increase intimacy. However, you may want to start with your partner fully clothed and then slowly remove the dress as the massage progresses.

The advanced/skilled, state-licensed professionals offer numerous massage/bodywork styles and combine them to meet your specific needs:

♣ Outcall
♣ Individual & Couple's Massage
♣ Sports Massage/Cross Fiber Friction
♣ Myofascial Release ~ long Lasting results
♣ Therapeutic Bodywork & Massage
♣ Trigger Point Therapy

A regular massage session usually targets mainly the lower back, but you should not. Since this is supposed to be an intimate massage, it should target the more beautiful areas like the belly, end of the neck, and chest. Another big difference is that these types of messages are usually not firm or hard like massage. You should use soft and sensual strokes.

Scented massage oils can also help increase the experience. Just be sure to warm it up to body temperature first before applying it to your partner. Finally, after the massage ends, you should have some towels around to wipe out any excess massage oils. Alternatively, you could stop it with a nice warm and relaxing shower for both of you as well.

When it comes to giving a great couple Massage Kauai, you really can't go wrong. The most important thing to remember is to set the mood properly and to use soft sensual strokes.

We are dedicated to creating a memorable massage experience with an authentic tone and feel by working right next to the healing ocean. Our clients experience a genuine spirit in our work methods and practices. A percentage of our proceeds go towards a non-profit organization dedicated to improving our homelands and surrounding areas....a cause we are very passionate about them.

Our setting allows us to offer a one-of-a-kind beach-side massage with nothing but the ocean breezes, birds singing their songs and soft music in the background. We enjoy and feel it is very therapeutic to work with the natural elements to help ease the mind, body, and soul — an experience like no other and unique to Kauai.

♣ Relaxation/Stress Relief
♣ Deep Tissue
♣ CranioSacral Therapy
♣ Sound Healing
♣ Energy Healing
♣ Ocean AquaCranial
♣ Reflexology

Enjoy a Therapeutic Couples Massage

Many newlyweds and vacationing couples relax with a Couples Massage Kauai at their rental or our beautiful outdoor locations.

Whether you've been together for a month, a year, or a decade, you and your significant other need to find time to relax and enjoy each other's company in a soothing, restful environment. If you're tired of the same old restaurants, wine bars, and movie nights, why not try a couples massage for your next date? A couple’s massage is a chance to do something nice for yourself and each other at the same time. You'll leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and have shared a unique experience with the person who means the most to you.

Many massage therapy locations now offer Couples Massage Kauai among their array of services. All that differentiates a couple’s massage from any other type of massage is that the two of you will be in the room side by side, receiving massage treatments at the same time. The kind of massage, the duration, and any other amenities, such as aromatherapy or music, will depend on your personal preference and on the salon or massage therapy center you've chosen. Some couples like to talk while receiving their massage, while others prefer to enjoy the tranquility together. When you're investigating spas and massage parlors for a romantic couples massage, ask about the environment as well as the massage therapists' training and experience.

Massage therapy is proven to release muscle tension, ease muscle soreness, improve circulation, relieve stiff joints, and calm the mind. Couples massage offers additional benefits, including:

Companionship and support: If one or both of you are new to massage-especially if you'll be nude-having someone going through it with you can soothe any nerves. For instance, if something surprises you, you can laugh about it or compare thoughts with your loved one. And of course, you're spending time together that's all about you, whether you choose to talk or to be silent.

Personalized massage therapy: Just because you're in the room together doesn't mean you have to have the same massage experience. You can ask the massage therapist to target specific areas of the body, or to increase or decrease pressure. One of you might want to relieve soreness and tension deep in the muscles, while the other wants a gentle, relaxing experience. At some massage locations, you can even have entirely different types of massage, for instance, Swedish massage on one person and Shiatsu on the other.

Pricing deals: Many spas and massage parlors offer discounts when you book two massage instead of just one. They may also have couples massage specials at certain times of the year, such as around Valentine's Day. A massage from a qualified and experienced professional is generally not cheap, so it's always a good idea to look for deals.

Ideas for later: Massage is inherently sensual, especially if you're working with scented oils and bare skin. So why not continue the experience at home? During the massage, take note of what feels best to you and your significant other. This way, the two of you can massage each other in a more intimate setting.

For a surprise date, an anniversary treat, or Valentine's Day to remember, it's hard to beat couples massage. It's personal, relaxing, and can be customized to your specific needs. Once the massage therapists have released your muscle tension and calmed your working brains, you'll be able to focus entirely on what matters: each other.

A message is an outstanding way to relax and rid your body of toxins that congregate in the muscles. Click here for a good massage can rid the body of tension and help you feel better. If you suffer from chronic back pain, a good masseuse can relieve some of that pain with proper technique. Massage therapy can find trigger points in the back and help to massage out those painful knots. The overall effect is feeling more relaxed and healthier. It is also proven that massage therapy will release the lactic acid that tends to accumulate in tight muscles and knots.

Why choose a couple's massage?

A couple's massage is a great way to relax with a significant other or with a friend. Click here for a couple's massage is usually held in a room that can accommodate two massage tables. They are generally near one another. Some spas have amazing couple's massage rooms. They are equipped with facilities for multiple services like pedicures. Some even have fireplaces and serve refreshments. It can be a great thing to do with a close friend or sibling that you wanted to catch up with them! The more exclusive the spa, the more elaborate their couple's massage rooms are. Some resorts have multiple places for this type of massage because it has risen significantly in popularity.

Why do romantic couples choose a couple's massage?

This is a great way to unwind and connect while enjoying a therapy that makes the body better. Couples can talk and join while they share a healing treatment. Some men also have less experience with massage then women. A couple's massage is a great way for a man to feel less intimidated by a massage because they are with their significant other. This time together is without stress, in a straightforward environment. It sets a nice tone for two individuals to connect in a new way. It is a peaceful way to share an activity.

Most massages are more about the bodywork and not about the social piece. However, couples massages encourage two people to rejuvenate and have time together. A novel idea to be able to heal the body and connect to a loved one! Massages are great for issues that plague everyone. Soreness, knots, tight muscles, insomnia, and arthritis are relieved through a good massage.

A couple's massage also takes some of the nervousness out of being alone with a massage therapist while naked. Many novices to massage feel very uneasy about this part of massage therapy. However, experiencing this with another individual makes it a lot easier to experience. It is also a great way to help a loved one or friend be introduced to the benefits of massage.

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